Truck on the Highway

Fast Shipping That Is Safe for Our Drivers

Our mission at Yandell Truckaway, Inc. is to provide exceptional service while being at the forefront of technology, sustainability, and safety. Specializing in dry van freight, we pride ourselves on delivering your goods on time and in a safe and reliable manner.

We are a California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant carrier, EPA SmartWay Transport Partner, and one of the first trucking companies to place reservations for the new Tesla semi-truck.


Being on the forefront of technology allows us the ability to track our trucks and get real time delivery status while also monitoring driver performance and safety. With the ability to track our trucks and thus delivery status we give our customers complete visibility throughout the supply chain. Via our Transportation Management System and our proprietary branded application on both the Droid and Apple platforms, we are able to communicate with our drivers while staying completely hands free.

Yandell Truck and Military Plane

Yandell Truck Full View