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      Is finding service providers to manage your freight slowing down your business and costing you valuable time?
Yandell Logistics can help reduce your transportation costs while keeping your customers happy.

     At Yandell Logistics, we have one main focus; getting our customers the best rates possible. Our highly qualified nationwide network of trusted third party carriers is how we stay competitive and accomplish cost savings. Communication is our key strength.  Throughout the transit of your loads, we are able to provide real time status updates.  Yandell Logistics maintains the highest possible standards and we pride ourselves as being a partner you can not only rely on but trust. We work for you and want you to look at us as an extension of your operations team.  The ongoing challenge of the supply chain industry inspires us to innovate and search for new ideas that challenge limits and extend beyond traditional logistics. We have found that our customers, suppliers, and contract carriers all benefit from this approach. We are not content to simply meet their expectations-we are committed to exceeding them.

     So call us today and turn your transportation needs over to us so you can focus on what you do best…running your business.

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